Prose: A Wife’s Strength After Delivery


It had been six months since I last sucked. Six months since any part of her made me shiver. She always said I was hers but things have changed…


The house is always noisy, always occupied. I don’t even know if I prefer my work place or the house anymore. She doesn’t call my pet name anymore.


We have been married for seven years and she is still beautiful. She has the thighs of mama  Africa and her breast are still as firm as ever. I know because I stare at her naked body. I feel my pinky wiggle and in know I still want her but I can’t have her


Before we got married, we ate pizza when the weather was cold and ate pepper soup  when the weather was hot. We are the weird couple that fought each other for everything …our last wrestling match was on our matrimonial bed


I was the lucky one to find her, she’s awesome. A praying woman; an ambitious lady. Nothing to her is a waste. She makes use of any and every opportunity and is never rude to those older than her. Although my sister says she is because she says things as it is but I know it is all because she told her, her hair was made badly when they met


My sister likes to be in control. As a child she wanted to know why money was given to me. She wanted to know if I had a girlfriend and why the girlfriend liked me. She wanted to know when I first had sex. She has a huge body, so she scared me sometimes but I found out that replying her and not shrinking to her words brings silence

My wife is witty, so she replies with wisdom. I told her I wish we didn’t get to this stage…she said well, there are different stages and this one will pass. She pampered me a lot at times that it was obvious when she wasn’t. Some days I thought I could handle her but no one can. She is woman and she roars…

Having children has always been our plan. We thought we had it all planned-like she will tickle my pinky when it couldn’t get in there and I would hold her back when she could not sit on me. Apparently words were right until it became practical…

The fourth child was here and as always, when one came, no one went down on the other for a while. However, this was six months and she had caught me using my bare hands severely down there several times. No anger or resentment from me…I was not guilty for anything…

I was asleep on that day when her hand began the job…I forgot the noisy house when it started…we went on for forty five minutes and she went on like nothing happened afterwards, like we were the same again. I lost my breathe when it happened but she went to the kitchen…the smell of her fried yam took me there. She had the baby nibbling on her pacifier with one eye on her. I took a piece of yam and pecked her chick- she said to me; do you want a second round? I smiled and went to the bathroom…  

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