You Broke Up With Me, Or Should I Say We Broke Up?

You broke up with me or should I say we broke up- isn't that what we are going to have to tell people? Those same people who saw us together and said "nice, you look good together" or were they even real? Did they not wish us bad as well, did they not know when... Continue Reading →

A Fable By Etheridge Knight

Once upon a today and yesterday and nevermore there were 7 men and women all locked / up in prison cells. Now these 7 men and women were innocent of any crimes; they were in prison because their skins were black. Day after day, the prisoners paced their cells, pining for their freedom. And the... Continue Reading →

Poem: Whatever Else You Do by Max Ehrmann

Whatever else you do or forbear, impose upon yourself the task of happiness; and now and then abandon yourself to the joy of laughter. And however much you condemn the evil in the world, remember that the world is not all evil; that somewhere children are at play, as you yourself in the old days;... Continue Reading →

Prof. Wole Soyinka- Nigerians Must Forgive Buhari’s Past.

Africa’s first Nobel laureate for literature, Wole Soyinka, said Nigerians must show a Nelson Mandela-like ability to forgive president-elect Muhammadu Buhari’s past as an iron-fisted military ruler. “I criticized him for certain acts during his stint as a military dictator,” Soyinka, the 80-year-old playwright and poet, said in an interview with Bloomberg TV Africa on... Continue Reading →

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