Poem: Pity Party…


I hear how you feel when you speak

I hear how you feel when the pen is at hand

I hear the crack in your heart

You think happiness only lasts for a while,

That is why you need to be alone more often

You think life is unfair and so it has become unfair to you

You dwell in the midst of calamity and think life is cruel everywhere

You have an answer for everything because you want to be realistic

But your answers are irksome, ‎

You call it truth but you can’t hear the truth

You can’t accept that someone wants all of you

You loved once and think love is stale

You think loving is a task that you will only be ready for it with ‎a kit

You live on mood swings and think those who stay with you no matter the mood needs you

You tell the truth to others but never to yourself

Pride fills your heart that you are enough

You think you treat others fairly and that the world needs more of you

You think tears are for the weak, so you turn to things that satisfy for a minute

You are an adult without love

A child who was beaten and told you were no good and so you see the world as that

You are lost, a peace less being, a troubled spirit

Scared to believe in love, scared to accept a person who loves you

Scared that peace isn’t real, that others are absurd

Forgetting that others feel pain

Forgetting that each action of yours affects those you love, if you love

Forgetting that life is for the living

Forgetting that someone needs you

Just the way you are


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