How Many Times Should A Book Be Read?


Ever thought of reading that book again like you would a favourite movie?


In my early teenage years, I saw the movie “The good, The bad, The ugly”. At that time I didn’t take note of Clint Eastwood’s piercing eyes or that he was even six feet tall and that the film had a story far beyond cowboys who were busy chasing each other- I watched it a couple of times and each time the movie meant something different, I saw the characters differently and had a different feeling about the story of the movie and this I know happened with the movie “Sound of Music”- at first I wanted to learn the lyrics of every song in it and then I wanted to run like Maria the nun while singing it but the more I viewed it, the more I understood the love story behind it- I even fell in love with the fact that a nun left the coventry to love a captain without losing her first dream of singing or her path of being an accommodating person.


This same method should and could be applied to the way we read books. Reading them five years down the lane would have a different impact, especially the ones that inspired us even if it’s a novel or a collection of poems/short story. We may have had a change of heart the first time we read it and because we have mature over time, those books would have a different meaning now.

Don’t read them a year later, don’t read them like you already know what the author would say, pick them up in a year you know the book changed whatever it changed about you and you are still struggling with it but you can’t remember every story or sentence in it.


Read that story not with the mind you once had when you decided to buy the book but with a perception that there is always more to a book than its cover, because there is and you have a new way of seeing that author whose book you once read as a favourite. 


If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all. Oscar Wilde

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