You Broke Up With Me, Or Should I Say We Broke Up?


You broke up with me or should I say we broke up- isn’t that what we are going to have to tell people? Those same people who saw us together and said “nice, you look good together” or were they even real? Did they not wish us bad as well, did they not know when I did wrong to you or you did wrong by me? Anyway that’s irrelevant now- may be they even saw it coming but we broke up and that is it- it’s not you or I or the relationship, it’s we. We were the ones that once had it all together or think we did. We have memories you know? We had times we even wanted to break up but we didn’t. Well, it’s final now and I don’t know if we are ok with it but I do want to rip you off of every joy coming your way- I want you to never exist and want you to feel the pain I feel and even more- because I loved you. You think I wish you well isn’t it? No I don’t- you hurt me, you made me hurt me, you who once spoke of me like a diamond in the sky don’t even want to hear from me, you don’t want to call me the “special” name you gave me. If I say am happy with all that has happened, I will be lying cos am human, I held you deeply, I shoved things out of my life- it’s all about compromise isn’t it? So yes, I gave up things I use to love for you, sure I kept my days as usual but I made it more of you too, I prayed for you, walked with you and fought with you- what else was I suppose to do, act like I didn’t care? Come to think of it, why should I care? We all are human and I hurt you too (for this am sorry) you did make me happy many times and I appreciate you for it, am sure you gave up things for me too and had days when I made you wish otherwise. I take back all the crazy things I wish for you, I take back all the words I said that ever made you feel down, I hope life treats us well, I know we are not together, not because we hate each other but because we are BETTER OFF WITHOUT EACH OTHER. Your future is better off without me in it and mine without you in it (whatever it may be) our activities and prospects are better of with out the other in it, we met and had a connection but like many connections, we get stronger- it’s all going to be alright for us, we should as well use our lesson to treat one another better and even others. Thanks for being a part of the journey, never hesitate to say hi. We are just better of without each other

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