Can Anyone Read The Bible?

Many think that anyone who is caught reading the bible, must be a preacher or a christian. Some people even think that reading it must be uninteresting but you don't need to be a christian to want to read the bible, you don't need to feel like reading it to always read it- in fact,... Continue Reading →

Poem: Last Night…

Last night was awesome I had myself coated with mists of mango An aroma he craved for after out first encounter when I had it on I played the smooth button and never played all my keys Letting myself play the black chords, while he wondered about the white ones I displayed randomly ‎I had... Continue Reading →

Why the definition of African no longer matters to me

Soon after writing my last piece the topic of classism began to occupy my mind almost full-time. I became very quickly aware that in a country like mine (almost completely homogenously “black”) there were still factors that divided us as a people. My notion that all African people are the same and should be able to relate and connect based almost solely on their African-ness was challenged and almost completely discredited for the uninformed self-righteousness it revealed within me.

Along with the realisation that the words of Biko and Muendane, as well as the musings of a teenage girl on what I term ‘theoretical politics’, had almost no weight in the minds of the “common man.” The average African living very close to the poverty-line, had very little interest in what I believed was all it took for the world to change: an understanding of one’s identity as an…

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BIG IDEA | How the African Union can make young people give a f***

The African Union owes the citizens of African states an opportunity to gain true inspiration from their organisation. We have not been given that opportunity. The average educated African citizen sees the Union as a toothless dog barking at its problems, and if they surmount, merely burying them in Africa’s backyard, which I imagine is an abandoned desert filled with broken dreams. If this appears to be a dramatic analogy to you then allow yourself the chance to imagine what the uneducated citizen considers the African Union to be. Nothing. And no dramatised imagery can take that truth away.

Numerous articles have been written on the ineffectiveness of this organisation.  Disaster after disaster has visited the member states of the African Union, while those involved in it appeared to do nothing more than shake their heads at the graveyard of missed opportunities. And who has suffered the most? The African…

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