Prose: My Church Story


I often go to church; its not as bad as you think. It’s a place of worship and reference. Why do I go to church when I can do what I do in church at home, you ask? Worship and reference is quiet different there. At home, I can do it and be nonchalant, I can do it and others will say am a pain in the ass, I can do it and be distracted. But in church, it’s different. It’s not just me anymore. It’s a whole lot of others, even offenders can be there and praise won’t be disrupted. The thing about the church is that we are many, many preachers, many dancers, many offenders, many respondents. We don’t have a rank; we think we do but the reason we went there, you know the big guy we refer to- he sees us as equal. I heard he doesn’t even mind who we are or how we do it but that he likes union, he likes us just as we are, sure he doesn’t mind where we are as well when we do what we do to him as long as we mean it but he wants us to always come together, he wants us to always be in one accord and that is what the church is all about. There is no need in we telling ourselves that we are fine without the church because we are not. Yes we smile and life goes on but in observation, we often see that those who take on the church ways often have a different approach to life. Of cos the other half think their intelligence brought them this far but then isn’t there something always lacking? Aren’t they always easily pissed off and carried away by the happenings of life? Isn’t the word “peace” far from what they portray? The church isn’t just a building anyway, it’s a union, one with individuals who give it their all and reference the big guy with everything it is they have. I often go to church and I find it interesting that a book written thousands of years ago is filled with writings that everyone today can make use of regardless of who you are. I think you should often go there to.


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