Poem: The Naked Culture


Is being naked good?

Does it mean you’re in style?

Nakedness is good thing, don’t you think so?

Everyone is naked these days,

Of cos they are calling it fashion but then it’s nakedness-

No need for briefs anymore.

Wonder if those stores still make sales?

May be they will have mesh briefs too

And that will become a marketing means

To promote nakedness

But on a more serious note, everyone is naked these days-

They walk the streets, show themselves off on the big screen and go anywhere they will be seen and of cos they want to be called mentors.

They say it’s fashion but then nakedness is a good thing?

At what age should people see naked people?

You get to see yourself first and get to know if you like the way you are, right?

However, it’s now confusing

We were birth (ed) with no clothes,

We wanted clothes and all of a sudden, fashion tells us its okay to stay naked.

Its also confusing because what they seem to showcase is what everyone else has,

I mean what woman doesn’t have breasts?

What woman doesn’t have a vagina,

Or a clit?

What man doesn’t have a penis?

Will men also show themselves like women one day?

Why are the women mostly naked?

Some make themselves cleaner than others by shaving

But then there are some who have things bigger than others

There are some though, who make no mention of what they possess until they have to,

However the idea of beauty that is seen as nakedness cannot be explained again

Wonder what those after them would do?

Anyway, nothing is novel anymore

However if  someone once told the tale of being discreet for the sake of attraction, what tale would be told next in order to be desired?


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