Poem: Last Night…


Last night was awesome

I had myself coated with mists of mango

An aroma he craved for after out first encounter when I had it on

I played the smooth button and never played all my keys

Letting myself play the black chords, while he wondered about the white ones I displayed randomly

‎I had my skin dripping,

Dripping of Shea butter and honey

Sweet and creamy, soft and slippery

I had myself stack naked

Out from the steam

Walking into the new room and had myself strolling with no apologies

Embracing my scent, he cuddled with me

On a silk cotton sheet with ‎no one around but the wind

It was already a day of dancing 

Dancing for the first time as married couples,

Dancing with family and friends

Wearing a tuxedo and a silk sewn gown; not a dress with train

A day with toasts and well wishers,

It was already a day with tales

But now it was night and we needed no one

Our skins cuddled till our nose made a thunder sound

Cuddled on the sheets we were meant to devour

Cuddled, enjoying ourselves as friends first

Laying to begin our lives at sunrise

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