Can Anyone Read The Bible?


Many think that anyone who is caught reading the bible, must be a preacher or a christian. Some people even think that reading it must be uninteresting but you don’t need to be a christian to want to read the bible, you don’t need to feel like reading it to always read it- in fact, reading the bible is not done just for the fun of it- there is no time table or right that means if you read the bible, you did it well.


It’s not a religious book. Academicians, scholars and critics read it too. The bible is not a pass book to anything, neither is it a book for the less interested individuals, because in due time you become interested. Sometimes, you may want to know what’s in it that you hear people talk of or why it is a book that generations can’t get over it. You may want to understand the characters you hear about, their symbol and their influence. Especially, the man Jesus. Be warned though, you can’t understand the bible if you read it like you just want to pass time or say you’ve read it today, like a time table. That’s not how you understand it- there is no pass mark for it. So take your time.


The bible is a timeless book. What it teaches people today, is what it taught people years ago and will teach those after you. People got wise from reading the bible and you can. It changes the way you see events, people, places and even yourself. It’s not a book that makes you better in a boastful way- far from that; in fact it makes you humble but then, you have to read it to understand it. It is a book with hidden facts and solemn truths. You may not always understand it everything you read, sometimes no one understands a deep thing, but remember that deep calleth for deep, so take your time to want to understand the deep things in it. If you have never read it before or if you’ve stopped reading it or don’t read it as much again, remember that you have nothing to lose if you begin to read it again, may be you have lost a lot because you lost sight of why you read it in the first place, may be you left something or a story unfinished because you want to gain something different when and if you read it. However know this, the bible is more than a book. Those who keep reading it will tell you, that. Just know that no matter who you thought wrote the bible, the bible is God giving account. So yes, the bible is for everyone.

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