Why You Shouldn’t Go Into A Relationship With Them


Do you know that reason is the enemy of trust? Once you doubt something, you have a limit in the believe or you give it.


Relationships “ALWAYS” start off awesome. Man is always in need of a relationship, we thrive on them, be it friendship, romantic (ship), platonic (ship), spiritual (ship) or whatever we call them, we thrive on them and we live by them because we can’t live alone- that’s how the world was created to be.


We get better by relationships, even the hurtful ones. We learn to treat ourselves better when we hurt and learn to love another when we love- there is nothing wrong in being in a relationship but when you are in a relationship with someone you don’t trust, you give yourself headache.

Many of us have heard or seen or even read of people who act ugly towards other individuals who are their partner’s friends or ‎colleges or even siblings who think or believe whatever their partners have with those people are way beyond what we see or what they tell us they are and yes, it may be true that there is something going on between a partner and their friends however your reason to doubt or think comes with the part that trust is far from what you have.


There are people who are natural flirts; they treat you the same way they treat others, unless of cos may be in the bedroom or so you think- truth is its hard loving someone deeply when they treat you like you are no different. Sadly social media has helped a lot of couples to cheat and very easily.


The truth is, if you trust someone, like most Christians trust their God- somethings are already believable before you hear them. I do believe there are people who tell others what their partners do behind their backs and those people return to their partners with the same tales and though sometimes we see this as communication, those hearers already know who and what they believe in.

As much as cheating is a norm, there are also individuals who would not be tamed. No one has to give excuses for why they were not loved. If you are in a relationship with someone you already trust, communication comes easy and so does respect.

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