Worse Is Wasted Talent

wasted talentWasted years, wasted resources is nothing compared to wasted talent. We were all born with something in us- no one is ordinary. Some people try to be musicians to sell records worth millions, they try to be actors, writers, football players or whatever they wish and many become that. As none of that is bad, sometimes not many become that or whatever it is they set out to be and when it doesn’t work out, they blame something. They blame God, blame the government,blame the law, blame their parents or their circumstance and truth be told though those things play their parts, however once we are born and we know the difference between left and right, there is now more to life to discover. There is more to knowing who we are- what we like and don’t like, what we prefer or not prefer, before letting anyone into what we are. We can discover the idea of life itself, the religion we want to identify with and the reason for the God of the religion- in this stage of cos you ought to know your God truly as being born into a religion doesn’t necessarily make you a follower of that religion. When we find ourselves, we find why we want somethings, why we act in someways and what we can offer- everyone wants and needs money to do one thing or another and sometimes it is not enough to want to be what others are. However, by loving yourself, discovering yourself, knowing yourself, you can and will in turn never waste your God given talent- you are more than you know.

Don’t be someone else, be you.

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