411: Nothing In A Relationship Is New


Whatever is happening in your relationship has happened before. May be not to you, but someone, someplace has experienced exactly the same thing you are experiencing or have experienced and no, this is not to get your hopes high‎, it is just to let you realise how life itself is a roller coaster. One filled with everything and anything. Like the laws of attraction which says we attract what we get, we accept in relationships what we think we deserve. If you think a dude who lays his hand on you, disciplines you, then that is what you will get. If you think you were not available that’s why he cheated on you, then you will get it but remember what you don’t complain about will remain. Anyway, nothing in a relationship is new; not the love you get or the party before it. This is not to say that relationships are boring or that nothing in them is worth it, it is just that it is what you put into it that makes it different. It is the little things you do that matter, changing relationships don’t matter. May be having a new partner, who takes you through a different road does something but the joy and cliff of a relationship, remains the same. Each and every relationship has its own suffering. None should be envied.

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