Poetry Of A Jilted Lover



In love with the role of a jilted lover,

I sulked!

I went around with the pain

I knew how pain felt

Piercing and nerve wracking

Loving someone so deeply

Brought that pain

I made them an idol in my life

I had told my close ones how I really felt

And went around saying love was stale

I crawled around and had myself thin and restless, telling everyone they hurt me

When only one had hurt me

One I Idolized

I feared the unexpected and feared another heart

I feared myself and what I may do or not do right

Deserted, yet carrying on

Forgetting no one had the right to take my right away

I treated myself as they had treated me

Wasting myself in pain

Years passed and I awakened to reality,

So I wore an animal instinct

Suited as a garment

Yet gentle, I strolled on

Looking rich, becoming rich

Wiser and happier that never again would I hang around like death was in love with me.


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