Dear Men, Not Every Woman Wants To Marry You



In a world of social dating sites and singles event in churches, the belief is that women are the ones most interested in getting married to any man regardless of his statuesque (the idea is that her bio log I cool clock is fast ticking and she has to settle down) therefore, marriage is the reason a woman dates a man.

Dating someone no matter who they are begins with the idea that there is an attraction and both of you want to be with each other; therefore anything done in the relationship has both parties consent‎. Sadly, flirting, cheating, beating and most possibly name-calling are done without the other party and this has brought pain and ‎rejection to the other.

It is also sad to know that when two people do not end up together as married couples, they go about badmouthing one another; they send out bad wishes using foul words to recollect instances of when the other partner treated them wrongly. All of which is done in anger forgetting that whatever was done in the relationship, was also their approval or in any case, something they once had pleasure in.‎ Whatever may happen or has happened in your relationship; past or present had you in it. You really don’t have to speak ill of another human being because sometimes not having what you think you wanted may be the best thing that happened.

That being said, men sometimes forget that the women choose them. They think after getting her to begin to date them, she won’t leave or ‎that she would be the one to compose herself, doing whatever it takes to keep the relationship together, they think she is ever interested, forgetting that one never does the job in the relationship alone. Knowing a woman is into you, does not give you any right to mistreat her or badmouth her to anyone; in fact that means you are immature if you ever do so. You also thinking that she will definitely want to settle with you makes you absurd because you never know- she may have had enough or may have seen something she won’t be able to tolerate for life. You thinking she needs to change to please you could make you one she could do without… amongst other things you do not know.

Dear men, you really don’t tick all the box. A woman chooses you- always remember that. Women are interested in different things and our priorities and needs digress. Women differ and can tolerate different things, don’t compare them with one another and for your sake, stop thinking that because most women are interested in marriage, she will want you.

Not only women need attitude and character to get them to receive the ring, even the famous proverbs 31 says so. You can read about the proverbs 31 husband here  (

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  1. Hey, I suggest you send some of your write-up to this blog: they crave for opinion like yours sincerely…
    And here is my point of view to the above piece. Most men have this inherent idea that they can make something out of nothing most of the time and we tend to apply this to everything, even the women folks, especially those we been in relationship with at one point in time or another. we think (most men) that we can eat our cake and have it.

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