Do You Know, You Can Rewrite Your Day?

rewriteRewriting one’s story may never be as easy as the words that says ‘rewrite’ but then again, because of the things that happen as life happens, it is often best that when we come to understand the idea of life itself or what kind of life we want to live, we then must rewrite our life. We must forget what we were told to do or become and grow into what we really want to become (don’t know if this makes sense, am just writing as it goes).


In life, regardless of what religion or age or race we are from, it is essential that we are happy and that is what our rewrite may mean. Forget what didn’t make you happy and make yourself happy. Of cos, don’t hurt people while doing that. It won’t even be fair to the new life you are trying to write‎.


Sometimes I think if I could rewrite my life, I would make sure I wasn’t born. Not that I hate myself or anything but the things I see or read or hear about is unbearable that I share the same space on this earth with the people who commit them. Life isn’t fair and may be its how it teaches us what we really want but then, who can question life? Can you question the day you were born? Or the idea that your parents had intercourse and it created you?


Some people believe that hard work pays; don’t know if that is entirely true because some people have and are working harder than‎ those who are being paid by hard work and nothing is happening for them and for those people it is hard to convince them otherwise.


We live in a world where religion dictates the morality of people. Most people have no kindness in them and some are just kind because they think it pays. ‎The religion itself I can say have been the cause of various misunderstanding as rather than understanding the ‘God’ of the religion, people understand the basics of the religion and call themselves religious people.


Maya Angelou once said you don’t become a christian in a day; its a life long journey. Rewriting your story also may take a long time. You may understand that you need to be happy but it’s a day to day process. You can’t wait until you are ready of cos, but you can decide to want/need it and begin from there- no need jumping the steps, just take one foot at a time and rewrite it as the day goes.

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