Together twenty-four seven: a working relationship

Adventures in Wonderland


Don and I have been together for seventeen years and married for thirteen. Since we became nomadic in September 2011 we have been in each other’s company almost continuously. There have been occasional breaks when I stayed home and he did the grocery shopping, or vice versa, and the even more rare times when one of us went sightseeing without the other, but these occasions have been so infrequent and of such short duration as to be insignificant. We don’t particularly want to be apart from each other.

When we had a home and a ‘normal’ life we had times apart doing different activities, usually Don with his men friends and me with my women friends, the most significant of which would be when I disappeared for days at a time to attend a figure skating competition. And of course Don was also still working a regular workweek. We had a fairly…

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There ain't no God because I got my heart broken There ain't no God because I messed things up There ain't no God because I can't seem to get it right Ain't no God because this world got chaos in it There ain't no God because people aren't being nice There ain't no God because... Continue Reading →

Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Child Learn From Someone, What You Can Teach Them

Rich parent, poor parent, your aim is to be called fruitful and not barren. It is not as easy as it is or seems on social media to be a parent and truth be told biology does not make you a parent, for it transcends beyond words and pictures.  As a mother bearing another human... Continue Reading →

Why You Shouldn’t Want Other People’s Relationships

‎ Ever wanted someone else's spouse, partner or lad? Well you may be wanting the wrong things. Its so easy to look at others and want what they have but can you really handle what they accommodate and learn to appreciate what they do about each other? Social media has had its way in the... Continue Reading →

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