Biafra Must Not Be Born From War


No one who has been a victim of war, either by death or starvation wants a repeat of it. It is always beyond words to explain what war does and only a sadist will be much happier ‎to see it happen over and over, even if it is for the fun of it.


Those who scream Biafra today have a story or two from family members who were war victims, so not all of them were part of it. The real stories of Biafra can only be told by those who witnessed the war itself.  It can only be relived by those who understood the reasons it happened and ‎must not happen or may happen again. The history books of Nigeria may highlight a thing or two, an article may revise a story or two but they will never be able to mention the names of innocent children and women who died while their men and fathers fought for a cause many thought was a cause that began because of tribal differences that still exist in Nigeria today. History students who learned about Queen Amina and Utman Dan Fodio, can safely say that lessons about Biafra are not taught in schools. Many have only an underatanding of the war from the mouth of grandfathers and mothers who lived through the years of Biafra, who say over and over that war has no sense.


My grandfather for instance, God rest his soul said it was an issue of kill or be killed and my mother said all she could remember was that one minute she would sit for a meal and the next minute, her mother would grab her to hide from the gun shots. A scene she says no child should have to live and one I concur with when I say, if there must be Biafra, let there be no war. My Drama teacher once said that the “Igbos may have found a lot of vegetables and recipes during the war times” and yes it happens that even at war, man still discovers himself and I refuse to believe that even during Biafra, a child did not smile but one must consider the other part, who lost homes, children who became orphans and parents who became childless because a war broke out.


Many people today say that they cannot marry from other states and regions as they believe it is best for tradition and for them as they feel it brings easier communications within the family- implying that diversity is a no no for them. I wonder if they know it’s gift of broadminded activities, custom awareness, language erudition, music, religion and so on.  But seriously, I thought we never choose who we fall in love with, why limit it to state or region or even language? Sigh. The saddest thing about war is not just the death it brings but also the ones it leaves behind with memories they have to relive over and over. It is true Biafra is not taught in Nigerian schools and it should be; as a matter of fact, every Nigerian child should learn about their history and culture, current affairs should become interesting again.


The want for Biafra must not begin or end with violence. Those who want Biafra, should seek means that mean a better foundation for whatever they choose to later call a country. War is not what Nigeria needs; not now, not ever. The issue of Boko Haram is war itself; many lives are being lost and those living in other regions may think they understand how Boko Haram has affected Nigeria but they don’t.


Casualties of war also include those who do not know what they fight for, who hear one side of a story and take on machetes and guns, taking innocent lives and depriving generations of life. We must not forget the innocent lives that have been lost because of war and we must not begin war for the sake of our ability to do so. In my opinion, the death of one child should end any war. God bless Nigeria!!!



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