Why You Shouldn’t Want Other People’s Relationships


Ever wanted someone else’s spouse, partner or lad? Well you may be wanting the wrong things. Its so easy to look at others and want what they have but can you really handle what they accommodate and learn to appreciate what they do about each other?

Social media has had its way in the hearts of men. It has made people question their life. Though bringing much good to communication; it has ‎brought about jealousy, envy, stupidity and worse of all covetousness- people now want to have what they haven’t toiled for and want to find any means possible to get it.

Many years ago, people were more open about their life, their relationships, their achievements ‎and even their prospects but these days most people want hidden friendships, hidden relationship, hidden marriages and even hidden life styles. It’s now more different, even with open communication. Sadly, people are skeptical about telling people things about them and having those things fall apart either by those same people they told or before that thing becomes a huge thing. In my country, some people refer to it as “witch hunting” lol but truth be told, people now want more of what they can’t have, they want more at any cost and this is because, many are not content. Many don’t appreciate what they have and they look at other people’s pasture without watering theirs.

There is nothing wrong in wanting more anyway but wanting other people’s life and relationship is ‎craziness. You don’t know what’s really going on, you assume a nice picture means all is well. You believe the status of being in a relationship or being married is an achievement and you blush at every couple’ photo where the two are together and either wish for a relationship/marriage or for the person in that relationship- sad, you forget envy is ignorance.


Many have been involved in sexting because of the easy access of communication and many relationships have been ruined because ‎of partners who flirt through social media messengers with people who may or may not know they are in a relationship, who think they are better off than anyone they are in a relationship with just because they are easy to talk to. Sadly, they fail to realize that they may only be easy to talk to on the phone or a post and may have an entirely different in persona in person. The worse case scenario happens when third parties know an individual is in a relationship and still want to have “something” to do with them (covetousness). Who then can blame those who hoard their relationships or achievement till it announces itself?


As earlier said envy is ignorance; you wanting what you don’t understand is craziness. It’s lack of understanding and appreciation. I leave you with the words of Kela Price who said ‘Do not get on social media and compare yourself to a filtered picture or carefully crafted post’ . A word is enough for the wise


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