Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Child Learn From Someone, What You Can Teach Them


Rich parent, poor parent, your aim is to be called fruitful and not barren. It is not as easy as it is or seems on social media to be a parent and truth be told biology does not make you a parent, for it transcends beyond words and pictures.  As a mother bearing another human being inside of you for months and knowing that whatever that human being becomes dwells solely on more than a cute “mother and daughter or son” photographs and clothes and even though it came with pleasure, its more than just a third leg ramble for as a father, your character in and out of the house means a lot.

In Africa, a saying goes that “it takes a whole village to raise a child” I think we should now say that “technology will raise your child if you don’t”. And it’s doing it beyond your knowledge. Kids and teenagers use the internet more than anyone these days and even if you can limit what your child does, you can’t limit what their friend does and how/what they teach your kids. These days’ kids have more friends on social media than they do in real life. There are also articles on female hormones, bullying, menstrual circle, hygiene, male pleasure tutorials which aren’t bad at all because like it or not, we all get to that stage but don’t let them hear from others what you can teach them first.

As parents, you’re busy trying to make a living for them but better is a child who is your best friend than an adult who is your worst enemy- ask the grandparents.   It is nice to financially prepare to be a parent, but it is best you don’t miss out on what being a parent is, which is mentoring another human being until they begin to make their own decisions.

Many parents made mistakes as teenagers and rather than speaking about it and letting their kids know it can happen again if care is not taken, they act like their kids are suppose to be perfect just because they get them almost all they want. Gone are the good old days when mothers and daughters bonded in the kitchen or fathers went for a hair cut with their sons. Slangs and abbreviations have taken over our speeches and more things are yet to occur. Mothers, very sadly now wait till their daughters get raped, beaten or pregnant before they ask questions and most of the time, the female child will always be blamed, even when there are articles and campaigns about teaching the male child a sense of responsibility for whatever action he takes in life, the foundation (the parents) say nothing.

May be an article won’t do the job of telling you to have a relationship with your child before the world does but I hope it does because if you have no friendly relationship with your child right from the start, you can’t teach them anything. If you can’t teach them anything, you can’t blame them for anything. Take note that if you call your child a fool, a waste, an average student or whatever crazy word your diction can pronounce, that is what you will raise. You can’t raise a brilliant child if you don’t see or call them that- unless of cause the child pulls away from you with cat fights.

Begin today, if possible to make amends if need be; even through prayers.

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