War has no sense, It leaves nothing behind It gathers wealth from man and gives it to death It prides itself with threats and occupies the hearts of sadists It longs for attention, Attention from victims, Attention from helpers Who may or may not give their aid It is like death that has no cloth... Continue Reading →


I hope I lay by you soon, That I hear you breathe and see you wiggle That you snort and move with all ease That I lay secure close to your skin That I smell like you desire That the room is free and the sheet is fresh I hope we lay after our hearts... Continue Reading →

Sly Monay Lavishes Christmas Gifts On Its Clients

The Clients of Sly Monay received a surprise visit from the emerging fashion brand who showered them with the company's Christmas treats   which included a bottle of Martini. WOW! Keeping to one of the company's goal, which is “We pay much attention to our clients, making them family”, a rep for the brand is... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Always Let People Leave Your Life

We always want people in our lives. Even though they are friends or that we enjoy solitude sometimes. We always want someone else to be around us (fake or true ones). We think we don't want fake people around us but truth is, they are the ones that make us feel sane sometimes. They make... Continue Reading →

Why we cry for Paris and not Nigeria


I know I am late. But wouldn’t it be strange if I called myself a blogger in 2015 without addressing this?

If you don’t have time to read this (very, very short post) let me say my points can be summarized in the following gif:

winning team

Why we get mad about Paris and not Nigeria

  • Because then we can get behind a winning team.
  • Because we are afraid of getting mad about Nigeria and watching nothing happen as governments walk past uncaring, unnoticing.
  • Because we don’t think the people in those countries would even appreciate what we’ve done for them; how much effort we put into our hashtag and changing the colour of our profile picture.
  • Because, here’s the thing: changing our profile picture to the colour of the french flag means we are behind the entire force of the French army and we know they’re gonna do something about our…

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So, what I think is really underrated lately is spirituality, and the bigger picture on religion and beliefs.
I think of it like this, we’re all placed on this confusing planet and seem to be searching for the same means, and this in a way connects us. We’re interlinked by this, each and every soul.
I’ve always thought people were meant to be the centre of our attention, and objects just something to be used, yet it seems like we use people and give the attention to objects, people are exploited by other people for a higher status or greater advantage in a game of money. Instead of that interesting interlinkage and same spiritual means, we’re caught up in suits and ties, office jobs, paying a TV license, the fact Kim K bought a new dress and going to school then college then university to work a job the…

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