Are Your Experiences Holding You Down?


We all have things that have happened to us that make our lives go round and many people have had the same experiences; however, not many people feel the same way about things that have happened to them. Some have be burned by it, some have had it occur over and over and they don’t even realize that it is just an experience, and they have taken it to be a part of life.



Surely, everyone has had one issue or another but not everyone has come out of an experience the same way. Sadly, not many know that they are suppose to get better after an experience but they never do and each time it is because they forget it is up to them to figure things out.



We are all human, so if we had a choice, we would make sure we never have to toil a day for anything as long as we were comfortable or beyond.



It is good to note, that what you go through, should never make you sign out of life. However, it should always be a guide. No experience (good or bad) leaves you the same way. If it does, you are the one that stayed that same way.



‎It’s as simple as this, if you have a bad experience with some people and those people move on beyond your life and one way or another those people pass through that same street and meet you there; you could begin to ask yourself some valuable questions such as


Why are you still there?


What is it you haven’t learned that has kept you in that spot?


Are you battling with un-forgiveness? Because that too is a killer.


How do you feel in compare to before?



You can’t determine what you undergo from other people. And you can either become better or bitter. You can stay scared or keep walking. No two people will treat you the same way; stop hammering on the fact that you had this experience or that experience with one person and experience something else with someone else.


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