Why You Should Always Let People Leave Your Life


We always want people in our lives. Even though they are friends or that we enjoy solitude sometimes. We always want someone else to be around us (fake or true ones). We think we don’t want fake people around us but truth is, they are the ones that make us feel sane sometimes. They make us see a different perspective in life and bring us to a place where we understand the balance of sadness and joy.

The true friends are those we call family, best friends and even close friends- it’s uncommon introducing someone as a “pal” even though we know that is who they are to us. When we meet someone via another friend and we have to introduce them, we still go on to call them friends and it’s just right since we can call it courtesy.


Friends have become lovers, pals have also become lovers, best friends have become strangers and lovers have become haters. It’s not that it’s a merry go round, many of that has happened for reasons beyond explanations and some have just occurred but each time we see people as family, best friends or closest pal- we never expect them to stop being that (if we do, we call it fear).  ‎When they do, they are our WORSE ENEMIES.


People leave people and that’s the way it goes. Sometimes there are explanations for it, sometimes there aren’t but they do. Friends, lovers, best friends, family- it’s all the parts to human race, they are in our lives for a reason and they can leave for a reason. ‎It’s usually sad when they do and it’s bad when we feel/think they will do and we begin to push them away before they go, thereby letting them go but really- a person stays because they want to.


Having an attachment to want to stay in someone’s life, could even shorten the stay as you may leave when the attachment comes or go. There is nothing wrong in hating to loose someone but like a perfect love that casts out fear, assume fully that a person who comes to your life stays because they want to- not necessarily because it is convinient for them or you, same thing goes with the other.

Don’t assume that people can’t leave you- because you can also leave someone. You can act as a snub for way too long that it becomes what happens forever. You can also become their torture so much that they decide to go back on their words of not leaving. We accept somethings and don’t accept some.

Saddest thing; we don’t appreciate those who don’t leave us; we assume that they accept all that we are and tha‎t they may/can never leave, even if there is an iota of feeling that they may, we disregard the little things they do and build on the idea that people/they won’t leave because of who we think they are or how they feel about us.

Anyone can leave anyone- it don’t mean you are bad or they are bad. It’s just what can happen and though they leave us sad, it is often good to heal from their absence and accept any other as everyone in your life didn’t come in by mistake.

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