Confessions Of An Addict



I am an addict. Some people think am the worse person to associate with just because of that but what can I do? I wasn’t addicted at birth, wasn’t addicted on my first day, time just got me hooked and truth is to want to end it because of anyone is to make me begin because of anyone or that same person. Of cos they want me to quit, sometimes I think I want to quit but then the byword goes that quitting is bad, bad in anyway. So why should I quit? I just said I am an addict, you don’t know what am addicted to and you’re already judging me.


People judge me instantly; not necessarily instantly but when they know my addiction, they do. They don’t even care to know how or when it started or even why I kept it on- they just judge me because that is not their own addiction. Or have you ever heard two addicts judging each other? It just doesn’t happen. We are both in the same struggles, so we can’t. It’s complicated to leave an addiction, those who aren’t addicted say it’s not but try telling them to let go of one thing they do daily and you’ll see it ain’t easy.


Addiction is crazy! It’s like a drug but one like a vitamin that you think you have to keep sapping on to stay composed. People just don’t understand how it is without it or even sometimes how it is with it. They just think anyone who is addicted is full of a lot of things and I understand them for me as an addict, I see them as weird not to be addicts too but what can I do? Having others who don’t think like me, makes me feel awesome sometimes, it’s like am sane even though to them am not. Like I said, addiction is crazy but what am addicted to makes me feel alive.


I don’t bite,I’ve never made anyone a victim before. I even feel like the victim sometimes but I get through the day with my addiction and am part of the world that exists. It’s like meeting someone on the first day and having a connection (you either do or you don’t) so don’t change towards me because you know my addiction.  I’m just an addict and whatever am addicted to; I hope when you know, you don’t make me your worse enemy‎.

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