How To Talk About Your Past To Others


My past is my past; don’t look into it for me. Don’t ask me about it unless you want to stay there. Let me be the one to tell you about it. Don’t dwell on anything I told you about my past either, I can’t get it back and neither can you. When I messed up, I messed up, where I didn’t, I didn’t- it don’t mean am a saint or the devil, it’s just how I thought things ought to be done. If you keep dwelling on my past, it means you want to cook something up from it, something to make me think you are better than me because something in there isn’t in yours. Well, it’s past and that’s the way it’s going to stay. I did somethings out of ignorance, out of naivety and ‎even awesome feelings but what can I say? its past. Am done with it, why shouldn’t you? Just because you want to be a part of my life today or even in the future, you think asking me and knowing about my past qualifies you for staying forever. It doesn’t work that way. Life is what is happening and I am part of the people it happened to. I can understand you asking me though but dwelling on it- no way! Let me tell you whatever I feel obliged to. Don’t force it out. Just let us be. If I did something so grievous that it would hurt me or your future with me, then I would let you know but for now keep in mind that every saint was once a sinner and the part of me you know is best, for the devil you do not know isn’t better than the angel you do and even when you think you know the devil, you may still not avoid the angel you are beginning to know.

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