Why You Should Settle But Don’t Settle!


There have been days you never want to hear anything religious; you really didn’t want someone telling you “God said…”, “The bible says…”‎, you just don’t want anything biblical that will console you when you’re in distress. You also didn’t want a friend saying “It’s going to be alright”, you didn’t want a lover saying “I won’t leave you”- not that those words won’t make you feel good or will harm you, may be you’ve even heard that before and to you its now a cliché, so it’s become something you can recite to yourself in the mirror or it seems that only one or two people has not disappointed you from all their promises.

You’ve heard of people who had life sorted out and for you its taking forever. May be you never even compared yourself to others or may be you did but it’s all crazy how things seem to you and like many, you know what you really want from what you’re putting your time and energy into. May be you’re ready to take whatever comes your way, just so it won’t be that you never got anything at all. You don’t want to have to try again or do something over again. Guess it’s a crazy world after all but then why settle for what you never wanted to settle for? Why accept half of what you always wanted?

Life is a roller coaster. There is NOTHING new in it. No system, no issue in a man’s life is so different that someone far away or years ago never had it the same, so why accept something you know you would not have taken on before? When one makes a purchase from a mall that has a fixed price, that fellow knows that he or she cannot ask for a reduction, however when one makes a purchase where the price could either increase or decrease, one knows what price to bargain for and so it is most times with the decisions we have to take in life.

Accepting one thing means you reject another thing. You either settle for less or you settle for something better- there is no in-between. You’re ‎either positive or negative, either asking God for a particular thing or thanking him for it. No one would pick half a thing over the full thing, unless of cos you’ve given up already and you think it’s best I take half than nothing at all and that could just be ok for a while. What you want is always and already available for you- you also play a part in accepting it and this is where anyone can say “Settle But Don’t Settle”!


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