Poem: His Confessions

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He chewed my nipple like a baby’s pacifier
Rammed my vulva like he never wanted to halt
Kissed my lips like a piercing serpent
Held my breasts like the next best thing
Silently, he kissed my head and then I saw his tears
He laid on me crying like a baby,
Crying for forgiveness
We had climaxed a minute ago and had felt our skin next to ours
His genitals like a hard rock had lost its strength from my thirsty tongue
His testes from my nipple tease
We both had climaxed but his tears said otherwise
Marveled at his actions,
I asked his reason
His voice as gittery as his tears began to speak
In pain I loved you,
In silence I remained
Torn by fear, I kept my words
Fascinated by your beauty,
In awe of your wisdom
I feared the worse
Feared I was not man enough
Feared I might ruin the present
Afraid you would reject me
Doubtful of us wanting each other
The tears you see are that of joy that you lay next to me
Captivated by his words,
I cried a little
And kissed his tears.


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