Now That I Am Married, What Next?


Now that I am married, what next? I often ask what next in anything. What next after I wake up, what next after school, after work, after anything at all. We are all in a hurry, we want to get a job, get married, ‎have kids, own a business and so on. If nothing is going to follow what has happened, what were we eager for? Many are idle, so they long for something, some approval, some appreciation and many a time when they get it, they want something different, they realize they want something much more because what they wanted was not what would ever satisfy, what next then? If we lived life backward and found out what would happen after what we longed for happened, would there be caution?


Now that I am married, what next?‎ is the new question and I think it’s not just kids. I don’t just want to be a stay at home mum; who is a chef, a cleaner, a tailor, a comforter or whatever there is. I want to have something doing but not something that makes me dislike my new found venture, not something that makes me question if I should have gotten married and had kids in the first place. Ok wait! Don’t get me confused, I love the idea of having someone to come home to, I love, love the idea that there is a mini me, something to cuddle and forget that something happened earlier but really what next? What rotating life am I going to keep living?


That is really the big question, isn’t it? We get what we want/need and the real thing is what next? When we don’t have a job; we want one and after that we analyse how our lives will fall into place and how we would act if a situation occur and all there is to ever do but still what next? Life! A rotating ball with no end. I and many have it, we have what we desire right with us, we have what we need, what we identify with but what next? However we/I answer this question, whatever we get next, leads to another. It is what living is all about. 

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