He slept like a drunkard, with his eyes shut, Wanting to never open them again; To never taste tears again To never hear them say go away To feel as free as ever Like a ghost on its last train Without strength to thrive as before When a smile came after a tear He slept... Continue Reading →

The Women anthology (online book launch).

Radioactive published its 3rd edition anthology for the year today, dedicating it to International Women’s day (March 8). Featuring female poets from different parts of the world. The publication which is available as an electronic book (pdf: digital book) and is free on datafilehost and ISSUU. It will be discussed online on Radio Africa with... Continue Reading →

What Happens When You Are Single And You Live With A Married Couple?

A woman once told me; do not receive advice from those in your age group, do not sit and be counselled by those who have the same predicament as you do. Not even if they are a step away from you. I was much younger then and that didn’t sound interesting as it does today.... Continue Reading →

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