Would You Date You?

So here’s the thing- you know what you want in a relationship. You know the kind of things you want them to say to you and how you want someone to make you feel when you’re with them but do you know how you make someone else feel? I mean if you were with yourself; all alone in this world, would you do you right?


Anyone would say yes but not everyone is in love with themselves. A quick personality test which would help to review your flaws would even help you understand you into knowing if you can stand you.

Do unto others as you will have them do you right? But is that the way it really is? Can a snub really date a snub? OK fine, you pamper yourself in any little way and you want to be pampered too but can you pamper someone as well as you do you or are we always searching for people who would treat us the way we point them out to do so?

The question was one I saw on twitter and after I pondered on it, not just for myself but for a lot of people who carry on with the tantrums of what they expect or what they didn’t get, I wonder- can we date someone who acts like us, who treats us the way we treat others? Do we treat our spouse the way we want them to treat us? Can we say we love ourselves enough to even accept from others what we accept for ourselves?

Do some deep thinking and see where it leads you. I don’t think a man who beats women will date a woman who beats a man or a cheat will accept one. THINK!!!

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