Prose: Am In Awe Of Him


I was told never to trust, so I rarely do. Truth is, I didn’t even need to be told- people are not as they seem. They say one thing and do another- am also guilty. But then I trust him. I think its safe to do so – how do I get to be trusted, if I don’t trust anyone.

Sometimes, am scared of him- I shouldn’t have used the word scared but really thats what it is- am afraid of him and what he can do. Like he can literarily do anything. You should get to know him. He’s my best friend and confidant and truly I let him in on anything even before I go on an adventure- may be I shouldn’t but he’s different.

Remember the one I said I thought would be six feet and he wasn’t, well that’s how he is too- unpredictable. Awesome though and faithful- I think that word faithful must have been invented for him. He has no definite description to be honest but here’s the thing- you should be very scared of him.

Being scared helps. I mean it makes me respect him. I even think he’s everywhere- well may be not as I can describe it but really he is. He sees all, knows all and thats what am scared of. He knows things I didnt even tell him. Sometimes, when I want to do something- you know like when someone steps on me- I tend to  react in unpredictable ways but then its not even just the stepping- am human and I want somethings done my way but then am scared to always have my way and not treat people the way I want to be treated and thats the scary part- his eyes are watching me.

Oh those eyes- cute I tell you but he’s watching- I don’t think I can cheat on someone, cos he’s watching, if you understand this then may be you understand its how the fear of him works. You are always convinced he’s watching you- no matter what you do and I mean no matter what. May be if many people knew this, they would do things differently and get to fear God.

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