Who Would Teach This Girl Child?

Ever wonder why your mum never told you something? Ever wonder why life had to teach you somethings and not your family or your mum? The truth is rarely far from home and though people expect the home to be the first hand education of every child, not everyone at home knows it all.  ... Continue Reading →

Poem: As We Lay

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As we lay entangled playing games of the consented
Moulding clay and hiding the sausage, damn you farted
Rhythmic contractions, heart beating, veins in temple throbbing
Breath in, breath out
Position, position, position

As we lay, motion comes to play
Hard on soft, embrace and surrender
An opus of groans and moans, in tune with body language
Repetition of the three words, prompting a response
Confirmation comes in form of reciprocation
Never been down, but the joy of a seesaw is Up and Down

We broke each other down to our true selves
Undressed each other to reveal our bare selves
Eye-contact while our bodies clash
Beautiful battle, both warriors beaming
Liberating the beasts within
While Eros is grinning

Rubbing each other’s arms, grabbing each other’s bums
Ringing each other’s alarms, beating each other’s drums
Lying to each other dumb, wearing off the rum
Kisses here and there and…

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