Valentine Tusai and His 14 Ladies

Two months ago, a friend to be contacted me to finish a story; taken aback as to why anyone would ask a stranger to complete a short story they knew its end, when it wasn’t a movie script or a combined research paper, it sounded interesting.


Still wandering though if he thought I was good story teller, we exchanged email addresses and he sent me his part of the story; one I found interesting and wished he finished it but knowing then that I was to complete it, I began writing- didn’t think he would find my part “dope” as he said but then I was happy about it.

Unknown to me also, was that he contacted thirteen other ladies to complete this one story (interesting right?)which is now available online for anyone’s pleasure.

Download and share the link >>>

Interestingly, it seems the different stories or his intention was to get into the head of different ladies who may have had a different/strange encounters with a masculine gender. Mission Accomplished Val!

Its a free download and yes it was a good project idea.


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