Who Would Teach This Girl Child?

Ever wonder why your mum never told you something? Ever wonder why life had to teach you somethings and not your family or your mum? The truth is rarely far from home and though people expect the home to be the first hand education of every child, not everyone at home knows it all.




In Africa, they say it takes a village to raise a child. A parent cannot be there 247; no matter how hard they try. A mother does her part, a father does his, even experience has a part to play in a child’s life. Those who have money to materially care, just do the best they can and in all honesty, no one can be blamed for a child that goes astray.

In respect to generation gaps whereby many become mothers after many years of being a wife or even being a woman, many mums find it strange to do somethings that their kids do (stay on, on social media for hours, wear crop tops and so on). However, no mother is ever too naive to lead her child(educated or not).

A female child is one of the best thing that can happen to a family (believe it or not). She is as good as ten generations to come. She, like her mother can leave footprints for others to follow. However, if she forgets her worth, she can be her own waterloo. Knowing it before hand or not.

Sadly, many women forget who they are and what they can do. They think they are society’s second best, so they forget to love themselves first, they let themselves go and accept society’s idea of what a woman should be and sadly it starts at home- with another woman (mother) telling them how to act as “women” act. Nothing wrong in that. However, in times  such as these when baby mamas are on the increase- the thought of are you not fit for him to put a ring on it? comes to play.

The idea is that men cheat. However, the truth is anyone- men and women can cheat. Ladies are conveniently becoming baby mamas or should I say we call out baby mamas and not baby daddy (s). I wonder why? Does the home have a part to play?

Often times, we are quick to judge the female child by saying “they have no home training”, we ask “where was the mother?” And much more that sends a signal back to the home of a child but many forget that not all homes are the same. Not all mothers know how to talk to their daughters. Some might ask, how can that be?

The reality of things is that not all mothers see talking as a method of home training. Others don’t talk as much until their daughters are at a stage- they wait till she says she’s stained to bring up the topic of menstrual cycle and cramps, they wait till she develops breasts to talk about sex,  some even wait till she’s reluctant in school to shout at her to read, some wait till she has an abortion to talk about the responsibilities of having sex before they are ready for what comes with it. Sometimes its just how they know how to do these things.

The bottom line however is that, each girl child is the responsibility of another girl child. Be it a mum, a sister, an aunt, a teacher, a mentor or whatever you call her- every girl child can be a helper to another girl child. A man can never be a mother, but any girl child can.

A good thing to note is that a mother can only teach what she knows and that though we think a lady learns all she has to from her mum, there are times when even a mother still has some learning to do.

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