This Is What Writers Do…

They observe even the minutest of things and see a word as a million symbols. Mostly chatterboxes, mostly silent beings- able to twist a single event into a thousand tales.

Describing it through a million other parts. Able to bring anyone’s attention to something daily observed by them but forgotten within the twinkle of an eye. Emphatic beings who others see as best companions and best listeners.

Species with the same abilities as others, only with power to tell stories that generations will hear or read and would assume they spoke of themselves or even to them about something currently happening without even being there.

Often seen as blunt beings who either speak and bring people to their knees or make them dumb; making them feel as though they were whipped with a belt by one more superior than them; even if they were less than them.

Sending individuals to a million cities with words of description, even though those individuals do not travel often. Making them assume they were there in present times. Educating millions as vast or even more vast of what things truly entail.

A sensitive spirit with a body to attract anyone who came across them- making them wish they suddenly knew what their thoughts were like. Those same thoughts that bring about those stories.

Numberless like the sand on the sea but very few known, Writers as they call them. Best educators of the society. Beings considered to have been given a gift to make a thousand words seem like a living being. Nature’ story tellers, making use of any form they choose.



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