Poem: No more


I have had it!!!
No more will I ration my portion of food because he says I’m gaining some weight,
No more will I look at the fat content in any product before buying it, just because he says he wants me to have a flat tummy,
No more will I wake up at 6am everyday to exercise  just because I’m scared he’ll stare at his secretary all day,
No more will I stop my cravings for that pizza from pizza hut, just because I want to keep him,
No more will I keep “googling” for tips on how to get slimmer, just because he says so.

I’ll not make myself suffer because of you anymore, while you never look the content of what you eat and eat as though the world was ending,
You wake up and go about your business with your pot belly,
You have all your cravings…

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