The Single Chronicles: The Lady 2

Ravings of a Single Woman


For those who have not read The Lady Part 1 you can click here.
Otherwise do enjoy.

Have you ever made out with a glass of red wine. A rosé to be exact. It’s beautiful really. You put your lips on the rim and you kiss it while you take its life fluid out if it. Sip by sip. Being celibate sucks. Okay almost celibate. I’m trying.Everything I do is sexual now. I can’t wear heels without imagining what type of man will take them off. Take for example my animal print with a touch of blue at the top heels, I imagine the man to take them off to be a tall, dark, smart mouth type of man. But that’s just me. And those aren’t the heels I have on tonight. Nah tonight I’m not trying to get the eye of any man, so it’s pretty heels…

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