Poem: Brokenness


Here in all my chastity,

Here in all my rant of following Christ

And posing as a sinless soul

At a time when I said in my heart

Take a rest, you are not involved in immorality

Take a nap, foul language is far from thy lips

Raise thy feet, others know you as a saint

Here in all my cleanliness,

I heard his word to prove to me

That not even the angels who stand and fight for me are clean,

For they too will be judged.

Not even the stars which shine bright as ever are pure

And even the lilies are more clothed than Solomon

That same Solomon,

Who was the wisest of all

Little wonder, he wants a broken man,

A broken vessel, A broken spirit

Oh thou oldest living one

Break me and remold me till I see thy face.

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