Poem: Swimming Emotions: Vilalio Machippa & Anastasia Ruth

This is what poetry creates regardless of distance…


valsWe are like islands in the sea, separated on the surface but connected in the deep.
In the skin-flinching depths of the scrotum-tightening water, we tangle like dolphins.
The abyss cannot be filled with water; my ventricles will continuously pump love.
I’m not averse to expressing my affection.
I’m willing to wet your mind with my fondness.
I wake up to your scintillating eyes and you overlap me with your thighs
I put the mojo in our matrimonial dojo, you’re so fit from the exercise.
You don your suit and leave for work; you don’t demur at my state of being jobless.
I keep up to date with international news and keep the garden fresh.
I call you during all your breaks and lunches, you keep my account with cash.
If you’re coming late I cook and wait for you while reading a book.
Many despise our relationship but our bond is concrete
We’re not a stereotypical marriage, love leads, I’m the man but you provide.

Lately I don’t understand though, maybe I’m a bit slow.
I don’t feel it like I explain it, are these not the blinders?
Why does everyone whisper when I pass by, my friends too!
Why do you come home smelling fresh instead of being sweaty?
I cook a good meal and wait till the candles burn out, are you eating out?
You sleep tired but don’t wake up eager for my mojo no more.
I’ve started looking at the maid funny and she has started acting funny.
Don’t look at me like that, even when you’re here you’re so distant.

I’m going to the pool maybe it’ll help me cool off.
Don’t follow me, if you respect me take a second and cool off.
My mind is convoluted with thoughts, are you someones sport?
These flooding thoughts have made me flappable and need to be calmed.
There’s comfort at the bottom of the pool.
I’ve had enough of riding your wave.
By Vilalio Machippa (@saintvalz)



I must say, i have noticed the whispers too
And i applaud you for saying nothing
I applaud you for talking to me about these things;
I mean- your insecurities
Its not what men do anymore.

Am happy you recognise my fitness
That you adorn me while i dream
But I detest you for thinking i may be someone’s sport
When a times work gets me fatigued
That you forget that being a woman in the cooperate world means attending every event and meetings to stay in the game
That you forget my apologies when i am late
That you forget a day at the gym could mean me freshening up too
Before coming home to your delicacies
That you think after so long, I could replace the memories we share
That you even think its all about you
Or decide that because of your jobless state i could think you less a man
Even if sometimes it crosses my mind.

But come to think of it; if i must,
May be your delicacies could be a thing
You know; a thing any can purchase.
Something that could also make the whisperers know how good your palms are
Something that could also fetch us a bigger account
Think of it.

By the way,
Its best you stay on the couch tonight
To think of all you just said
Especially the part of me being someone’s sport.                                                                                   By Ruth Yacim  (@anastasiaruth)


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