Poem: She

She is happy when her breast is praised, cheat
Poses her frame like there is no tomorrow 
Sells her physic without being asked
 She seeks not for your well being, but for her material possession 
She cares less if a man is occupied with another and her utterance tells you she cares less of her self
She is a predator to the man you love
For if the man you love, then is fool, he buys her charm and forgets your presence
He asks not after you or another
She has no shame if you loose him to her and confides in herself as being a better lover
Words well spoken I also agree with her for she has been considered a better sex machine
A better show of as he who takes her in becomes a prey but he who flees from her, finds Heavens best gift to men and a soldier that fights with him in recession and progression.


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