There on a table sitteth with Godjudgement

Asking him questions to all my desire

Seeking his response as I thought I deserve

A response, which to me included sorry

A response which to me should make him wrong

Admitting he let me down

Down, as humans do

But there he sat,

Waiting to first calm my spirit to listen

To let me know he was there all along

There when I became a monster accepting demons through actions he warned me against

There when I was greedy claiming self righteousness

There on the cold and hot days keeping me far from death,

There when I was rejected sending his love as the bird would sing

There when I was depressed making me see the smile of a child for hope is in it

There when I was brought to life as he knew already  of my arrival

Still there as a force I dare not contend with again

Unless I decide to answer to his own judgement


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