Pidgin Poem: Change For Naija – By Anastasia Ruth and Arinzechukwu Patrick



Brother abeg send me something.

Dis tin no easy


Dem say make we vote change,

We no know sey e go be like this

Abi make una help me see na

Tins hard the more

And dem say na change

My brother you dey  far

You no go understand

The man sey change

But suffering and smiling

Dem sey people take the money wey E wan use for change

Okay, E don catch people

Make E collect the money share na

Abi, my brother, wetin you tink?



My sister

To think tire me

I for reason the matter

But strength dey expensive

And food scarce these days.

Presido no try,

The change E promise change everything,

Naija cast,

Street cast,

Citizens cast.

Crime don increase,

Petty thefts,


Shuffering and shmiling


Pope dey enjoy,

Senator dey enjoy

Imam dey enjoy

Change or army arrangement?

Soldier go, soldier come

to teach change


Teacher no teach us nonsense

Sai Baba-nla nonsense.


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