Here’s Something That Is Inevitable



As I look at friends I knew and still know on social media, I am gulped with laughter as I imagine how they were when we were all younger and how we often thought we had time for everything- If we remember those days too. It was a phase, that still happens to many around the world. Getting old is something we deny over and over again; as teenagers and youths, we lounge in the idea that our skin will never wrinkle, our strength will never fail us and so much more.

Life has a way of telling you it is time. And as we age with the time and understand what is needed at that moment in our lives; a spouse, a child or whatever it is we call our achievements, I can’t help but smile at the dreams we once had that we thought was the biggest dream we could ever have, or even the idea that we could have the same friends for a life time; but then, that was the learning process.

We set out loving one and going for another, wanting that and understanding our needs later on and some other things that when thought of can make anyone smile and say, “I can’t believe I wanted that or I didn’t want that”. Life is precious and it doesn’t matter what you think you are today, change happens.

Politics and government govern cities and countries but we govern our journey in life. And even when we think we’ve made mistakes, when we look back there is always something to smile about. It may not be the big things, it may not even be best memories but truth is because we are getting old and we have to appreciate the road we’ve traveled.

No matter what dream you have or how slick someone looks today, you’re still going to change, or in this case- “get old”. You are going to overcome big and small issues, and going to face a break up (sometimes unplanned), and one day when you see an old friend, even the ones you had sad turns with; its going to be as though the things you did together was what life is about.

Learn to forgive now!

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