Nigerian, African Wears In The US

Nigerians are proud of who they are, wherever they are. They love to travel and they want to always feel at home wherever they go to. They want to know they can still eat their food and dress up in tribal wears that tell you where they are from. They are good party people and... Continue Reading →

How To Handle Rejection

Being rejected by a parent, could be detrimental to a person' life long self esteem, being rejected by a friend could be disappointing but being rejected by self could be the worse of them all. Rejection leaves you wondering. It creates a cloud of thoughts with questions, rhetorical memories and psychological infections. It could mean... Continue Reading →

Can Advertising through Social Media Increase Organisational Sales Performance?

Over the last few years, by virtue of social media; advertising has become more personalized than ever before. Advertising companies have become more aware of people‚Äôs emotional and specific needs thereby enhancing competitive services in various departments and social media platforms. The utilization of social media has created an opportunity for companies to turn their... Continue Reading →

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