Can Advertising through Social Media Increase Organisational Sales Performance?


Over the last few years, by virtue of social media; advertising has become more personalized than ever before. Advertising companies have become more aware of people’s emotional and specific needs thereby enhancing competitive services in various departments and social media platforms. The utilization of social media has created an opportunity for companies to turn their organizations into a wide knowledge sharing environment. Moving from a centralized knowledge management process to a continuous online knowledge, organizations are now having conversations with strangers; businesses also make use of trendy bloggers who act as convincing journalists and influencers.

In terms of organizational performance, companies must come to understand that the idea of a strong organization rests on the fact that the needs and demands of employees and their communication with them, is essential, meaning that every new undertaking should be made accessible to workers who at the long haul see their jobs as part of their personal life and not a daily responsibility.

Advertising companies often use social media in a way that is incomparable from the traditional forms of advertising (TV and Radio) by providing value and added benefit to consumers in order to gain their attention and social media has helped them in becoming different as advertisers are capable of leveraging the intimacy linked with user profiles- The idea is that such communication is embedded in social networking, multimedia sites, blogs, websites, and podcasts and so on.

In respect to the fact that the internet has become a competitive platform for firms who have realised the importance of being available online, Even though social media has become an easy component for business promotions, some organizations still fail to use it on the platform of organizational sales growth and this in a diminishing way has made some companies avoid the use of such marketing skills their organization as many companies still think that social media should be bypassed because employees use it for personal purposes and other things which make their business venture less determined.

Organisations have been known to implement different types of marketing systems to sell their products. For instance, the footwear industry is capable of rapidly changing the fashion industry in the global market and with the attention focusing on the use of social media to communicate; there is still little evidence that helps to prove that every individual is satisfied with how organizations perform to retain customers while advertising.

However you choose to do it in business, advertising is essential. It has the ability to create a relationship in an organisation’s sales performance. The financial plan that most organisations set aside for advertising is usually the highest venture in the company. Social media consists of diverse internet applications such as blogs, social networking sites, content association, virtual arts, game worlds and social entities. It is central to information these days- its increase in the most advance and improved use has led to a communication revolution, changing the ways in which people communicate with each other. communicating with individuals through them puts you in the fore front of every development. In totality, advertising has become a culture to reckon with, especially in the social media form.

Marketers prefer advertising online as it has a crowd; it has a precise specific platform which helps in identifying competitors who also use those platforms in reaching businesses. Social media is an online relationship that takes marketing to a different level. Contemporary businesses are now more than ever uptight by how to sell a product, rather than how to produce it. Organizational companies that seize the advantage of using social media technologies have greater competencies of outperforming their competitors with lower costs of improved skilfulness.

The central objective of an organisation is to increase its sales and advertising on social media which leads to a ROI (return on investment) that is gained by a round the clock activity of an organisation who has a quick method of response towards its customers. Sales production processes are determined by the amount of products and services which is produced; sales in this instance, is usually the actual money made after the initial sales have been made using various channels known to the company. Fewer sales usually mean less production which reduces the profitability and successful assessment for such companies. Sales performance therefore defines the revenue that a company compares its subsequent sales and the private setting of social media calls for a different advertising approach which contributes to consumer’s experience. Sales performance ensures executive initiatives that foster future practices for sales which will build on the company’s output on the market on an annual basis.


Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter are generally believed to have offered businesses the powerful means of improving communication and performance between team members at work and customers who must remain satisfied.
Advertising is a critical element in defining the success of most organisations as both profit and non profit companies have performance indicators which mean accountability is essential in which sense performance could affect output and input abilities. Social media and its telecommunications often have an effect on companies and their sales, if used effectively; it is and can be a great selling tool.
Social media is valuable to companies and customers and that it can be considered as an added reasonable tool to that of traditional advertising which has integrated marketing initiatives. No need to question if social media can change the way information is shared in real time because it is and it is happening much faster that anyone can literarily imagine.

Having a relationship with customers always seem to be a good thing, however it may not contribute to a company’s profit, as having the right/best product remains the main mediator tool that influences profit, alongside marketing. There will always be a research about social media and advertising, since social media doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon and people’s belief, representation and conceptions change as they grow old.

Marketing implications can regard social media and integrate the corporation’s improved marketing communication within the organization therefore it may also be good to look into the social media platforms used in the different location of the company.

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