How To Handle Rejection


Being rejected by a parent, could be detrimental to a person’ life long self esteem, being rejected by a friend could be disappointing but being rejected by self could be the worse of them all.
Rejection leaves you wondering. It creates a cloud of thoughts with questions, rhetorical memories and psychological infections. It could mean more than its portrayal and could play a much bigger influence into other in-forcible things in a persons life.
Rejection could come in any form and from anyone and it is usually understood only by the receiver. Rejection is sad but it is awesome; if the receiver understands this, then they have a big chance at getting more from rejection than they ever thought anyone could.
Being rejected, may not necessarily mean all round disapproval, as the person who rejects another; may do so because they think highly of you and they see you as a competition and realising this, will be your biggest breakthrough.
We are never fully rejected, we are only rejected for certain things and the idea, is that if we never reject ourselves; we may in the end love us more. Getting a good break starts with you. It is as Elijah Jetson says “developing your mindset as you go on in life, is a major part of who you become”- you need to understand that being rejected doesn’t mean life is over.

People always want people around them and sometimes this is our major flaw; we forget that people come and go in our lives and when they leave, it is not that we are being rejected, it is that we are shedding the old skin and making a new one- that is why we say everyone you meet in this world is teaching you a lesson.
Acceptance is beautiful, it is like a tear drop after a smile and just like rejection, only the receiver understands it. You need to accept everything good about you and about those around you.

Stay focused on you.

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