The Damage Tribalism Has Done To Nigeria

As a child, I knew nothing of tribalism in Nigeria. Well, not until I heard someone say they couldn't marry someone who wasn't a tribesman. My parents are from two different states, having two different cultures, speaking two different languages. The story was that they fell in love and got married. I never knew that... Continue Reading →

Valentine Tusai And His Married Feminist Review

  With role shifting relationship activities on the rise and various feminists talks, any can wonder if ladies who hold their tongue, and pretend to have nothing to tell to other parties, secretly have something to say to their partners, when they are not pretending to be the good partner. For many who even say... Continue Reading →

Your Married Friends Are Not Avoiding You, They Are Busy

  You hear people say enjoy being single, because they know what being married may cost you. Don't get it twisted, being married isn't a bad thing, in fact it is awesome when you are married to someone who wants to be married to you. (If you know what that means) but then, no matter... Continue Reading →

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