Poem: Albino Negro


I came out of my room
Dressed in my best attire
Staring deep into him
Longing to hear him
I knew all he loved
I was not part of that
I strolled round his sight
I said a prayer for him
I cooked his best meal
I made the African style he loved
I bought his chewing stick before first light
I went as far as making the white man’s food
He snubbed me and called me names
Telling me I was unworthy
Giving me a white man’s name
Barren, drunk, dog
He told me since we got matrimonial I got out of shape

He took me to the albino man’ soil
He gave me the albino man’ food
He made me feel like an albino lady,
Yet he was a Negro
Born with cultures
Born to a tribe
His mother loved me or so she said
African woman like me
Kind and only loving her son

Last night, I told him
The albino man’ needle tested me
I could not give him an heir
I wept for our misfortune
I got home and alerted him
He gave me silence
Mocking me like an albino man who wants to divorce his wife
Negros don’t believe not in seperation
They love even in slavery I said
His mother scared me off, when she heard the story
Do you despise me because i gave you not an heir?
What of the days my hands burned up from making African rolls?
Was our bond because of an heir?

I entreat you this day to remember us
You caused not what i did
Our traditions did,
Our beliefs did,
Our foundations did.
Forgive men thou universal maker
You made us the weaker ones
Yet we assist to bring wise ones down
We uphold our dearest till he gets to the pinnacle
We bear the pain of child bearing
We bear the consequences of not having the pain too
I depart from here because of this mockery

Do not pretend to be under the weather
Now that am gone
Mate your mother and make yourselves happy
Mate the society and show potency
Mate your beliefs and tell them they are right
Do not look unto me
‘cos its too late
Put me in a pit so I become fertilizer
Use me not for rituals
Cremate me if you can
Be rest assured I was your pride
And you will rise every sunset to see me no more.

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