Conversations To A Rejected Proposal



Girl: Its being four years already, don’t you know if am good for you or not?


Boy: Am not sure I understand you, are you asking me if I will put a ring on it? Should I not be the one asking?


Girl: Yes, you should. In fact you should be the one bringing up the topic and not me.


Boy: Then leave it as that and don’t pester me.


Girl: Wow! I pester you? Because I ask if am not good enough for you


Boy: You do. You should know by now that I hate talking about these things. Am not ready yet.


Girl: Am I hearing you right or am I thinking silly? I want to know if you are ever going to propose? We’ve been together for four years and you are telling me you hate talking about these things. Why don’t you hate talking about other things then? You are not ready yet- what does that even mean?


Boy: What I really want is for you not to be the one asking about it.


Girl: I agree with you on that but it is because you are not speaking about it. You don’t hear girls asking their dudes about it when their dudes talk about it, or do you?


Boy: Are you comparing our relationship to others?


Girl: It seems like this is becoming like the others where they don’t end up together after many years. So I need to know now


Boy: Since when did you develop a self esteem problem?


Girl: (Storms out)


Boy is sitted with his friend


Boy: My girl has gone nuts. She asked me today if I didn’t think she was good for me?


Friend: And what did you say?


Boy: I told her it wasn’t a topic for discussion. Am not ready yet. I knew she was talking about me putting a ring on it.


Friend: How could you say that? Who is ever ready? Dude I think you’ve lost her


Boy: What? She can go for all I care. I did my best for her


Friend: So she didn’t do her best for you? Dude you have issues. Anyway I need a best man


Boy: You’re getting married? How? When?


Friend: Yes I am. Before the end of the year


Boy: Congrats.


One month later. Boy visits girl.

Boy: You look good


Girl: Thank you


Boy: Am sorry for the other day, Can I come in? I really miss you


Girl: Thank you. We can talk here


Boy: Don’t you miss me too? I wish I never said those things


Girl: Its OK. It was for the best.


Boy takes out a ring and kneels


Boy: I know I wasn’t sure then but am really sure now. I think I just needed time, its being different without you. I like the two of us together. I need you, I want you


Girl: Thank you for everything but I’ve done my crying in the rain over this issue. I didn’t think it was right for me to tell a man to want me and I don’t think it is right that it is my pressure that would make him want me. I would rather nothing comes out of this. Am sure we would both meet someone we would want to keep. Just forget me

She closes the door behind him.

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