Your Married Friends Are Not Avoiding You, They Are Busy



You hear people say enjoy being single, because they know what being married may cost you. Don’t get it twisted, being married isn’t a bad thing, in fact it is awesome when you are married to someone who wants to be married to you. (If you know what that means) but then, no matter who you marry (the devil or your best friend), your life never remains the same after marriage. When you are single, regard less of if you feel lonely or not, you tend to do things because you want to do them. But when you are married, its a whole new ball game. Like earlier said, marriage is not a bad thing but it is no longer about you.


People say their friends don’t keep in touch as before and it is true, but it is because they are busy. They are busy being friends with their spouse, they are busy making babies, they are busy taking care of the babies, they are busy doing things in-laws do that bring peace to the marriage, they are busy planning for the future, whatever that is to them again after marriage. They are catering for the babies they made, they are busy nurturing the baby, they are busy looking for schools and planning vacations. Don’t get it twisted, if you are not married, you can be busy too. You can decide who you prioritize to meet and more, you could even decide to sit alone but you can’t do things alone again when you are married.


Marriage isn’t stressful, don’t ever think it is. Its for those with mature mindsets. Everything that has never happened before begins to happen and the best part is you get to go through it with someone, you get to have a companion who is also your confidant. You get to make plans with someone and you know the plans will be seen through. It really is awesome. I don’t think anyone who has been married for a decade or more can explain it. Sure, it has its ups and down but the busy that marriage brings is unimaginably satisfying.


When we hear people say their married friends don’t keep in touch again. Well, what do you expect? They have someone else attached to them. Its really different being married. Even though you think you know what to expect, it really doesn’t happen that way and most times because of what people see around them, they begin to have commitment phobia. But in all honesty marrying the right mate is what is vital to marriage. Don’t ever think your married friends have forgotten you.


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